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What is the Best Position to Survive a Car Crash

Knowing the best position to survive a car crash is important. Using safety features properly can greatly lessen the impact of injury. It’s important to follow the recommended safety steps to ensure preparedness for the possibility of a car accident. Drivers and passengers can increase their chances of surviving a car accident with few injuries. […]

What’s An Example Of A Minor Car Accident?

Many people see minor car accidents as mere inconveniences. However, they actually encompass a range of incidents that can have significant implications for those involved. Anyone in such a situation must understand what a minor car accident is, the types of injuries that can occur, and the legal considerations. What is a Minor Accident? A […]

What Are The Major Causes Of Car Accidents In Australia

Fatal crashes and car accidents occur annually in Australia. A deep dive into their causes is necessary for better prevention and road safety. This blog analyses human errors, including impaired driving and distractions. It also considers external factors like weather and road conditions. The blog aims to demonstrate how responsible actions can reduce these incidents. […]

Urgent Alert for WA Drivers: Insurance Legislation Amendment (Motor Vehicle Claims Harvesting) Bill 2023

Introduction Attention drivers in Western Australia! The Insurance Legislation Amendment (Motor Vehicle Claims Harvesting) Bill 2023, currently under consideration, poses significant challenges and changes to the rights of individuals involved in motor vehicle accidents. This blog post delves deeply into the proposed changes, exploring their implications for drivers and gathering reactions from both the legal […]

The Difference Between A Crash & An Accident

When we talk about problems on the road, people sometimes mix up the words “crash” and “accident.” This mix-up can make things confusing. This confusion isn’t just about using different words. It affects how we report, understand, and deal with these problems in the law of Western Australia. Knowing the difference between “crash” and “accident.” […]

How is a Truck Accident Different From a Car Accident

Truck accidents are different from car accidents. They have unique impacts and legal complexities. The aftermath for the victims is also distinct. These differences highlight the need to grasp the specific challenges of truck accidents. This blog post delves into the critical distinctions between truck and car accidents. It highlights the unique challenges and legal […]

How do Accidents Happen in Western Australia

Western Australia’s roads show beautiful views but sometimes lead to sad stories. The Insurance Commission of Western Australia (ICWA), Road Safety Commission, and the Main Roads are working hard to make our roads safer. Every driver in Western Australia needs to know how to avoid car accidents. This article uses information from trusted sources to […]