Personal Injury Claims

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Urgent Alert for WA Drivers: Insurance Legislation Amendment (Motor Vehicle Claims Harvesting) Bill 2023

Introduction Attention drivers in Western Australia! The Insurance Legislation Amendment (Motor Vehicle Claims Harvesting) Bill 2023, currently under consideration, poses significant challenges and changes to the rights of individuals involved in motor vehicle accidents. This blog post delves deeply into the proposed changes, exploring their implications for drivers and gathering reactions from both the legal […]

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Maximizing Your Compensation: Factors that Influence Slip and Fall Claim Worth

When you’ve taken a tumble and suffered an injury, it’s only natural to wonder how much you could potentially receive in a slip and fall claim. But what factors actually determine the worth of your claim arising from a slip and fall incident? Understanding the nature and severity of your injuries, establishing liability, documenting evidence, […]

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How to MAXIMIZE your Personal Injury Settlement

If you have a personal injury and want to maximize your compensation, this article will provide essential tips. Understanding the claims process is crucial, and we’ll guide you through it step by step. Understanding personal injury law and the claims process is crucial in maximizing your personal injury settlement. Seeking immediate medical treatment and thoroughly […]

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No Win No Fee For Injury Law

Looking for legal advice for your personal injury claim? A No win no fee arrangement is a common practice in compensation law in Western Australia. This article focuses on what a no-win, no-fee service is, and what to look for when engaging a no-win no-fee lawyer to provide legal representation for your compensation claim. Table […]

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Claiming Loss of Income After Injury

Injured? You may be able to claim loss of income. Read on to find out more about how you can recoup some of those losses through a personal injury claim. Keep reading to learn more about what you need to do in order to get started. Table of Contents What is considered loss of income? […]

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Contributory Negligence Claims in Personal Injuries

Did you know that in Australia, contributory negligence is common in personal injury cases? If you are determined to be contributorily negligent in causing your own personal injuries. Please find out your rights and entitlement here. Table of Contents Negligence claims in Civil Liability Act What are the laws of negligence? Contributory Negligence in Personal […]

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How to get compensation for psychological injuries?

Mental health claims are on the rise. If you need to get paid for your psychological injuries and are feeling frustrated, don’t suffer mental illness in silence! Read on to find out more or talk to mental injury lawyers at Foyle Legal. Table of Contents What is a psychological injury claim? Is depression a Recognised […]

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Medical Negligence Claims – Dentist Malpractice

If you have sustained injury due to dental negligence then you may be able to claim compensation for those injuries and any pain, suffering and emotional distress caused. To be successful in a dental malpractice claim you need to prove not only that the medical professionals who provided the medical treatment were negligent, but also […]

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Slip and Fall Compensation claims

If you’ve suffered a slip-and-fall accident in a retail store, supermarket or another type of shopping centre, you may be entitled to personal injury compensation to cover your medical expenses, losses in past and future earnings and more. This article covers what you should know before making a slip-and-fall compensation claim. Table of Contents What […]

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