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Australia’s network of highways and roads spans vast and varied landscapes. This includes bustling urban corridors and remote outback trails. Yet, amidst this complexity lies a critical concern: the safety of these routes. Certain roads across the nation have gained notoriety for their dangerous conditions. This has led to a higher incidence of road accidents and fatalities.

As we delve into the specifics of these notorious roads, it becomes evident that the issues contributing to their danger are multifaceted. They range from infrastructural inadequacies to driver behaviour. This article aims to shed light on the most dangerous roads in Australia, offering insights into their risks.

Whether you’re a daily commuter or planning a road trip across the country, understanding these risks is the first step toward safeguarding your journey on Australia’s roads. Its essential to take all precautions such as ideal car seating positions, defensive driving courses, watching your speed & proper vehicle maintenance.

Most Dangerous Road in Australia

Australia has some of the most hazardous roads, stretching from busy city highways to remote outback paths. This overview identifies the most dangerous roads across the country, highlighting the unique dangers each presents.

Most Dangerous Road in the Australian Capital Territory

  • Monaro Highway (Hume): This road is essential for commuters and truck traffic in the Australian Capital Territory. It has multiple traffic lights and varied speed zones that increase accident risks.
  • Canberra Avenue: Canberra Avenue is a bustling main thoroughfare that facilitates traffic to and from the city. It experiences congestion during peak hours, heightening the likelihood of accidents.

Most Dangerous Road in New South Wales

  • Hume Highway: The road is notorious for hazards such as driver fatigue, tailgating, and frequent collisions at peak times. This is particularly true near Elizabeth Drive. Caution is needed against the blinding evening sun.
  • Great Western Highway: The hilly, curvy terrain makes the area dangerous. This illustrates how geography and road design impact safety.
  • Pacific Highway: The high accident rate in New South Wales contributes to road fatalities. The risks come from unadapted driving and fatigue. Extra caution is required in bad weather and on long trips.
  • Pennant Hills Road: Local development traffic has become more dangerous. The high rate of accidents is mainly due to driver error.
  • Victoria Road: Despite high traffic, recent safety improvements have reduced accident rates. This has improved its safety ranking.
  • Western Motorway (Parramatta Road to M7 Westlink): The road has a high accident rate. This is due to congestion and complexity, which require driver alertness.

Most Dangerous Road in Northern Territory

  • Stuart Highway (Katherine): Despite its significance, it ranks as the region’s most dangerous road. This is because multiple risk factors contribute to its unsafe conditions.

Most Dangerous Road in Queensland

  • Logan Road: Ranked as Brisbane’s third most dangerous road according to the AAMI Crash Index 2023. This area is noted for danger due to congestion. It is particularly risky near Creek Road, which leads to the CBD and Griffith University. The area has increased collision risks from vehicle overflow and driver errors.
  • Gympie Road: A crucial artery for Brisbane’s northern suburbs commuters, Gympie Road is a collision hotspot, especially during afternoon peak hours. The mix of congestion and frequent stops raises the risk of nose to tail accidents.
  • Morayfield Road: This road is located 45km from Brisbane. Accidents spike here due to congestion from numerous access points and signals. This highlights the safety impact of heavy traffic.
  • Bruce Highway: The road connects Brisbane to North Queensland. It is infamous for its safety hazards. These include narrow, rough lanes and flood risks. The road is globally recognised as dangerous.
  • Warrego Highway (Ipswich to Charleville): The road conditions from Ipswich to Charleville are deadly. They include rough, narrow lanes and flooding susceptibility. Driver fatigue and poor road shoulders make the situation worse.
  • Pacific Motorway (Smith Street Freeway to NSW border): This segment is essential for interstate travel. It faces increased accident risks from driver fatigue and non-compliance with road conditions.
  • Pacific Motorway (Gateway Motorway to Logan Motorway): A crucial traffic artery around Brisbane faces congestion and high-volume risks. This emphasises the need for safety awareness due to increased accident potential.
  • Remembrance Drive: This road is close to Surfers Paradise. Its complex layout and congestion near popular spots heighten accident risks. This shows how road complexity and volume affect safety.

Most Dangerous Road in South Australia

  • Marion Road: A key commuter route, especially for Flinders University students, has heavy traffic due to the significant number of shopping centres. This leads to a high accident rate, mainly from driver error.
  • Main Road (Blackwood): Main Road winds through hilly terrain in Blackwood. It is dangerous due to its mix of heavy vehicles, local traffic, and challenging weather conditions. This increases the risk of accidents.
  • Main North Road: Connecting Adelaide to the north, Main North Road faces heavy daily traffic, mixing urban and semi-urban sections. This diversity increases the likelihood of head-on collisions and pedestrian accidents.
  • West Terrace: Next to Adelaide’s CBD, West Terrace is a high-density traffic area. Frequent vehicle-pedestrian interactions make it prone to accidents, especially during peak hours and events.

Most Dangerous Road in Tasmania

  • Tasman Highway: Known as the most dangerous road in the state, runs along the east coast and is infamous for its safety issues. Its difficult conditions and heavy mix of tourist and local traffic make it a high-risk route.
  • Argyle Street: This is central to Hobart’s CBD. It experiences heavy congestion and intersects with multiple local streets. The street is also situated near key sites like the Royal Hobart Hospital. In this bustling inner city, you will find the most collisions. This happens particularly during morning rush hours and near school zones.
  • Brooker Highway: A key Hobart artery has heavy daily traffic and fast speeds. It connects the city to northern areas and is known for severe accidents. The road is marked as dangerous in Tasmania.
  • Macquarie Street: Rivaling Argyle Street in danger; this street faces congestion issues due to population growth and car reliance. This raises accident risks primarily from human error.
  • Midland Highway: The road between Hobart and Launceston is in poor condition. This raises safety concerns, highlighting the urgent need for improvements on this essential route.
  • Bass Highway: Nine Mile Road and Stowport Road stretch is Tasmania’s second most dangerous. The area has a high accident rate despite low traffic, highlighting its hidden hazards.
  • East Tamar Highway: There are many accidents from Alanvale Connector to Dalrymple Road. This shows that Tasmania faces road safety challenges on busy urban roads and quieter yet perilous highways.

Most Dangerous Road in Victoria

  • Plenty Road: It holds the title of Melbourne’s and Australia’s most dangerous road. It has multiple lanes, entry/exit points, and a tram track. The most crashes are on Thursday and Friday afternoons. A reduced speed limit shows some improvement but still poses a major safety issue.
  • Princes Highway East: Safety upgrades are essential yet notorious for safety issues. Driver disengagement and fatigue are the primary hazards. This highlights the need for alertness.
  • Springvale Road: Congestion from population growth and its layout heighten risks of tailgating and driver distractions. This makes it notably hazardous.
  • Cooper Street: It’s known for heavy congestion and poor driver awareness. It’s ranked among Melbourne’s and Australia’s most perilous roads.

Most Dangerous Road in Western Australia

  • Albany Highway: Perth’s top crash site, notorious for multi-lane traffic and high nose-to-tail collisions. It’s near Westfield Carousel and is especially risky during peak hours.
  • Nicholson Road: Known for driver errors like speeding and tailgating. Its danger level is rising, emphasising the need for speed control and safe driving practices.
  • Great Eastern Highway: This road from Perth to Kalgoorlie is Perth’s fourth most dangerous road. It has narrow lanes and poor maintenance. Drivers should be cautious and follow right-of-way rules.
  • Forrest Highway: The road links Perth to Bunbury. Hazards include rough surfaces and possible animal crossings. Drivers must navigate carefully.
  • Great Northern/Victoria Highway: This isolated stretch demands preparedness for long distances through uninhabited areas. It has limited services and emergency assistance.

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Driving in Australia offers stunning views but comes with risks on the road ahead, from the unpredictable outback to busy cities. It’s crucial to drive safely and advocate for better roads. By understanding the dangers and making smart choices, we can ensure safer journeys for all.

Let’s unite for safer travels across Australia.


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