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What should I do after a Car Accident in Western Australia?

Western Australia has a government-administered compulsory third party insurance scheme. This means that if a driver with Western Australian registration plates is at fault and causes personal injury in a car accident then you can make a personal injury claim through the Insurance Commission of Western Australia, the compulsory third party insurer set up by […]

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Disputed Workers Compensation Stress Claims

Disputed Workers Compensation Stress Claims Workers Compensation Stress claims are a common type of workers compensation claim. In Western Australia it is common for workplace stress claims to be pended (and then never accepted), denied or disputed by the workers compensation insurer. In these cases the workers compensation insurer will often issue either a: Insurer’s […]

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Workers Compensation When You Stop Working For An Employer

Foyle Legal is seeing an increasing amount of injured workers who are not receiving weekly payments of compensation in circumstances where: Liability for the workers compensation claim is accepted; and Workers Compensation Weekly Payments have been made by the workers compensation insurer to the worker in the past; and The worker quits their employment or is terminated; […]

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Unlawful Discontinuance of Workers Compensation Weekly Payments

Foyle Legal often sees workers who have had their workers compensation weekly payments discontinued, and after discussing the situation with those workers it becomes clear the workers compensation weekly payments have been discontinued in a manner which is illegal. The reason why this is happening is unclear but it may well be due to insurer. […]

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Vital Aspects of a Statutory Benefits Workers Compensation Settlement

This article will provide important information regarding workers compensation settlements. It will explore the benefits of statutory settlements, various aspects of the process and what you should consider before accepting an offer. Table of Contents Background to WA Workers compensation payments Medical review regarding permanent impairment Workers compensation payouts – maximum payments Getting the most […]

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Workers Compensation for Older Western Australians

Until 1 October 2011, Workers Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981 (the Act) used to prescribe that workers would only receive benefits until the age of 65, and if the worker was over the age of 64 at the time of the injury then the worker only has an entitlement to one year of weekly […]

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Workers Compensation WA Notice: Liability is Accepted for Medical Expenses Only

Some West Australian Workers Compensation Insurers issue a Notice that Liability is Accepted (Form 3A) and state that this is for medical expenses only. By doing these insurers are effectively trying to say that they never made a decision in respect of weekly payments and workers who subsequently need medical payments have to prove their […]

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Online Wills in Western Australia – Are They Worth It?

Online Wills in Western Australia Package wills are cheap, you could just buy a will pack at the post office or get a Pro-forma will online, so why should you pay for a solicitor to help you? ‘Standard Wills’ or ‘Off the shelf’ or even “On-line Wills” pre-printed Wills can end up costing your family […]

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Liability of More Than One Person – Understanding Proportionate Liability

What is Proportionate Liability In 2002, following the collapse of HIH Insurance and other disasters such as the World Trade Centre incident in 2001, insurance premiums became more expensive. Insurers claimed that compensation payments relating to insurance policies were becoming unaffordable. Following the Ipp review, legislatures around Australia passed Civil Liability Acts which were similar […]

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