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Car Accident Compensation for pain and suffering: Non-Pecuniary Loss

Car accident compensation for pain and suffering is a type compensation for non-pecuniary loss. Non-pecuniary loss is often referred to as general damages. In this article we have provided more detail about non-pecuniary loss. Non-pecuniary loss / damage in a car accident injury claim Non-pecuniary losses are the intangible losses that is not readily quantifiable by […]

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CTP Insured Motor Vehicles Accident in Personal Injury Claims

Motor Vehicle Accident Payout If you are injured as a result of motor vehicle accident in Western Australia, you may be entitled to a compensation payout. Not all motor vehicles have CTP (compulsory third party) insurance cover, only accidents involving CTP insured motor vehicles qualify for a CTP compensation payout and benefit for personal injuries. Car […]

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Whiplash Injury Compensation in Car Accident Personal Injury Claims

Car accident whiplash injuries are a type of motor vehicle accident injury in Western Australia and often results in personal injury claims in WA. This type of accident injury compensation claim is widely known as whiplash injury compensation. The term whiplash injury refers to the bodily damage and injuries during the process where the neck or cervical spine suddenly moves backward and […]

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Workers Compensation Claim Payments for Award and Non-Award Workers in WA

Different Workers Comp Payments for different job classifications – Award and Non-Award Workers Under the Western Australian Workers Compensation System Workers Compensation System for Non-Award Workers In Western Australia many workers compensation insurers treat injured workers as if they are workers to which an award does not apply. Injured workers who make a workers compensation […]

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What should I do if I injured my back at work in western Australia?

It all begins with going home and saying “I’m home, but I have some bad news, I injured my back at work.” If you have suffered back injuries at work, Perth’s leading workers compensation claims legal experts at Foyle Legal can help injured workers to claim compensation. This blog deals with WA workers compensation claims […]

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Resignation of Employment in Workers Compensation Claims Western Australia

One question that is commonly asked by injured people who have an accepted workers compensation claim is whether they can resign from their employment and what effect that will have on the workers compensation weekly payments they are receiving. Many injured workers are unhappy with the way of their employer treat them after a workers compensation claim […]

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Workers Compensation Claim in Western Australia: FORM 36 Notice to Worker about Termination Date for Election

Have you recently received a Form 36 Notice to worker about termination date election? Foyle legal Personal Injury Lawyers received many enquires about terminate date notice. There many misconceptions about this termination date notice. The most common misconceptions from injured workers are: Their employment will be terminated Their workers compensation weekly payment will be cut off year from […]

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What should I do after a Car Accident in Western Australia?

Western Australia has a government administered compulsory third party insurance scheme. This means that if a driver with Western Australian registration plates is at fault and causes personal injury in a car accident then you can make a personal injury claim through the Insurance Commission of Western Australia, the compulsory third party insurer set up by […]

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Disputed Workers Compensation Stress Claims

Workers Compensation Stress claims are a common type of workers compensation claim. In Western Australia it is common for workplace stress claims to be pended (and then never accepted), denied or disputed by the workers compensation insurer. In these cases the workers compensation insurer will often issue either a: Insurer’s Notice that Liability is Disputed; […]

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