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Foyle Legal is a full-service, no win no fee personal injury law firm. We also can help with your will at a fixed fee. Please see the list of the services offered by us.

Contact us today for your obligation-free initial consultation. 

We don’t charge you legal fees unless we secure a settlement for you. This is our promise to all our personal injury clients! Once your claim is settled, we attempt to recover most of the legal fees from the insurance company to ensure your out-of-pocket legal expenses are relatively small.

Injured on the road? We can help! We assist injured road users in recovering fair compensation from the Insurance Commission of Western Australia. We have represented victims of car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, bus accidents, bicycle accidents, and more. Contact us today to ensure your rights are protected!

As a multiple-award-winning personal injury law firm, we ensure that your personal injury claims are properly managed. We offer legal representation for all types of personal injury claims, including but not limited to: work injury claims, public place injury claims, victim of crime injury compensation claims, fatal accident injury compensation claims, and serious personal injury claims, among others.

We pride ourselves on providing effective and affordable legal representation. We help you secure an injury settlement or we don’t charge legal fees.

Injured at work? We help injured workers get the fair compensation they deserve! We can assist you with WorkCover disputes and workers’ compensation common law claims. Whether it’s a physical injury or a psychological injury, our team is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to fight for your rights!

Injured in a public place? You may be entitled to compensation. The keys to winning a public liability claim are: quality evidence to prove liability, efficient legal representation to collect evidence and prove how much your claim is worth, and skilled negotiation to ensure you are getting the maximum outcome for your public liability claim. The Foyle Legal team represents injured people day in and day out. We use our collective knowledge and skills to drive optimal outcomes for your public liability claim.

Victim of crime? Don’t suffer in silence. We can help you claim criminal injuries compensation. Let us take care of your victims of crime compensation claim so that you can focus on moving on with your life!

Don’t let the medical malpractice ruin your life. If you have made a medical negligence claim in Western Australia, contact Foyle Legal for an obligation free claim review.

Are you seriously injured due to someone else’s fault? Don’t let a life-changing accident ruin your financial future. We assist seriously injured individuals in securing compensation payments with the goal of safeguarding your financial future to the extent permissible by law. Let us help you!

Are you a dependent of someone who was fatally injured in an accident? You may be entitled to compensation. Contact Foyle Legal today to find out about your rights and entitlements. We can help you with your fatal accident dependent claim.

The personal injury claim process can be divided into several key stages. However, these stages are not linear and are driven by complex factors. If you are injured in WA and have made a personal injury claim, contact Foyle Legal for an obligation-free claim review. We can explain the personal injury claim process and how we can make this process as smooth as possible for you!

Motorcycle accidents are one of the most severe forms of road accidents in Western Australia. They often involve hit-and-run situations and other complications. Don’t settle your motorcycle accident claims for less. Contact your local motorcycle accident lawyers at Foyle Legal for an obligation-free initial consultation.

Do you have a simple will? Don’t spend thousands of dollars on it! We provide affordable, fixed-fee legal wills, professionally drafted by a senior lawyer to ensure your affairs are properly looked after.

We can help to lodge and dispute your Total and Permanent Disability Claims.

Construction accident compensation can be challenging. It often starts with WorkCover and then progresses to the District Court of Western Australia if the injured worker has made a common law election. Many construction accident compensation claims always involve a third-party claim. Foyle Legal lawyers can assist with your WorkCover claims, third-party claims, and your common law claims.

If you have suffered a psychological injury as a result of your work, you may be entitled to compensation. Many WorkCover stress claims are disputed by the insurance company. We can help injured workers dispute the insurance company’s decision at WorkCover.

Were you involved in a farm accident? Depending on the circumstances of your farm accident, you may be entitled to multiple types of compensation. Contact Foyle Legal to ensure your rights are sufficiently protected.

If you are a FIFO worker seeking workers’ compensation, contact Foyle Legal. We understand the specific needs of fly-in-fly-out workers and have represented many FIFO workers. We can help you secure the fair compensation you deserve.

Truck accidents often involve serious or catastrophic injuries, affecting victims both physically and psychologically. Don’t settle your truck accident injury claims for less. Contact our truck accident lawyers at Foyle Legal for No Win, No Fee representation.