Car owners in a crash receiving calls from car accident scams

Car accidents can cause not only physical and emotional distress but also expose car owners to the risk of falling victim to various scams. Sadly, scams like fake accidents, shady car rental deals, and claim harvesting are not uncommon. It’s important to know about these risks. Protecting yourself by being proactive is key to dealing with these issues.

In this detailed guide, we’ll look at various car accident scams. We’ll share advice on dealing with real accidents and give tips to avoid common traps.

Common Car Accident Scams

Many car accident scams are deceptive schemes designed to exploit victims of road accidents. These scams can range from staged accidents to fraudulent injury claims. It’s essential to be vigilant and recognise common scam tactics.

Common Car Accident Scam Types

  • Car crash scam: This involves fraudsters deliberately causing accidents to make false claims. One such tactic is the ‘Swoop and Squat,’ where a scammer’s vehicle intentionally causes an accident. They do this to claim insurance money.
  • Substandard car repairs: Scammers may use an accident to do unnecessary or substandard repairs. They often charge inflated rates for these services.
  • Fake calls and visits from the insurance company: Some fraudsters may pose as representatives from insurance companies. They aim to extract personal information or money.

Car Accident Scam Prevention Tips

  • Remain cautious and document the accident scene, including the other vehicle’s registration number.
  • Use dashcams to record potential fraud.
  • Never admit liability at the scene of a Not at Fault Accident to avoid issues with the at-fault driver’s insurer.
  • Research and choose reputable repair shops.
  • Request detailed repair information before engaging a car repairer.
  • Verify the caller’s information if they claim to be from an insurance company regarding your car accident.
  • Do not share personal, financial, or policy details over the phone without confirming the caller’s legitimacy.

Dealing with Injuries After a Car Accident

In the context of personal injury, a car accident can lead to significant physical and emotional trauma. It’s important to understand your entitlement to a personal injury claim and your vehicle damage claim after a car accident.

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If you have suffered a personal injury after a car accident, you should contact the relevant government bodies for further information on the CTP insurer in your state or territory.

Key Steps After an Accident

  • Seek medical attention immediately.
  • Report the accident to the accident investigation department, such as the police.

Dealing with your CTP Insurance

  • Report the accident to your CTP insurer as soon as practicable.
  • Be wary of cold calls from unofficial sources claiming to be involved in the claims process. i.e, claim harvester.

Protect Your Personal Details

After an accident, exchanging personal details is standard practice. However, be cautious of ‘claim harvesters’ who might misuse your information for cold calls or related scams.

In Western Australia, The ICWA has issued warnings about scams calls from the claim harvesters. There similar warnings issued by the regulatory bodies’ other each state and territories of Australia.

What are Claim Harvesters, and why should we avoid them?

Claim harvesters are individuals or groups who contact accident victims. They offer help with compensation claims in exchange for personal information or fees. These entities often operate under deceitful acts. They pretend to be representatives from legitimate insurance companies or legal firms. They offer to assist victims in navigating the claims proceedings.

If their scams succeed, they lead to fraudulent activities and compromise victims’ data.

Authorities and consumer protection agencies have warned about the risks. These warnings are associated with claim harvesters. Victims are advised to avoid these schemes.

If you are injured in a car accident and want to make a motor injury claim, you should seek reputable legal advice, such as Foyle Legal, directly.

Engaging with claim harvesters poses a risk to personal information. It also jeopardises the integrity of legitimate injury claims processes.

Claim Harvesting is illegal

The State Government is introducing new legislation to address claims harvesting by making it illegal to solicit, receive, or pay for claim referrals. The law will require lawyers to confirm they are not involved in such activities and mandate a pre-legal action conference before litigation can begin. These measures aim to prevent unethical targeting of vulnerable individuals, eliminate referral fees, expedite claim resolutions, lower legal expenses, and allow government agencies to share information on suspected claims harvesting.

Report Scammers

Always check who is contacting you after an accident. Report any suspicious behavior to the authorities to protect yourself and others from scams. You can contact Consumer Protection’s WA ScamNet program at 1300 304 054 or email them at [email protected].

Safeguarding Personal Information

  • Only share necessary information, such as name and address, and avoid sharing sensitive details unless required.
  • Verify the identity of the other party.
  • Be wary of unsolicited calls or messages post-accident.

Avoiding Identity Theft

  • Do not share more information than what is legally required.
  • Be cautious if asked for information unrelated to the accident, such as bank details.
  • Report any suspicious requests for information to the relevant authorities.

Avoid Car Hire Rental Agreement Traps

If you need a rental car after an accident, understand your rental agreement thoroughly to avoid inflated hire vehicle costs. Some scammers may inflate rental costs, knowing insurance companies will pay. Always choose reputable car hire services and read the agreement carefully.

Choosing a Rental Service:

  • Compare different providers to avoid extra costs.
  • Check for hidden fees and ensure the hire car is safely driven.
  • Ensure the rental period aligns with the duration of repairs.

Understanding Rental Costs:

  • Be aware of the dollar value of the hire car to avoid being charged inflated rates.
  • Discuss with your insurance company about coverage for hire car costs.
  • Read the fine print regarding extra costs and long repairs.

Additional Considerations

Legal Proceedings and Injury Compensation Claims

Understanding the process of filing a compensation claim is crucial following a car accident. It is important to know the legal proceedings involved and how they can impact your claim.

  • These professionals can help navigate the complexities of the claims process. They ensure that you are adequately represented and your rights are protected.

Dealing with Vehicle Repairer Claims and Costs

Dealing with repairer claims and costs can be daunting after a car accident.

  • Verify the legitimacy of these claims and ensure that the repair costs are not coming out of your pocket unless necessary.
  • Be wary of Impounded Substandard Car Repairs, where vehicles are taken to repair shops. These shops perform poor-quality work at inflated prices.
  • Be cautious of repairers who claim to be associated with unrelated organisations. Also, watch out for those who charge for services not covered by your insurance.

Getting multiple repair quotes can prevent overpaying and ensure quality repairs. Checking with your insurance for coverage is also essential.


This article provides a detailed and information-rich guide on car accident scams. It aims to empower readers to navigate the complexities of post-accident situations. By doing so, readers can approach these situations confidently.

Being well-informed is crucial when dealing with potential scams, genuine accidents, or rental agreements. This knowledge is the key to safeguarding personal interests. It also protects financial interests.

Remember, stay vigilant. Seek reputable legal advice from sources like Foyle Legal when claiming personal injury after a car accident.

Always be informed and cautious!


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