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Compensation Law and General Law FAQ

How Should I Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Most people have never been involved in a personal injury or workers compensation claim and it is hard to know what to do and who to trust.

As a starting point Foyle Legal recommends discussing the circumstances of your case with the lawyer. Can he or she give you advice that makes sense to you in words you understand? Personal injury claims can be difficult to understand but a good personal injury lawyer can help ease the stress associated with your claim by explaining things clearly.

You should also ask who will have the day to day conduct of your case. If a more junior solicitor is involved you should ask how much exposure a senior solicitor will have to your case.

What do personal injury lawyers charge?

In respect of workers compensation matters in WorkCover, personal injury lawyers must charge in accordance with the Workers’ Compensation (Legal Practitioners and Registered Agents) Costs Determination 2014.

In respect of other personal injury matters, many lawyers, including Foyle Legal charge in accordance with the relevant cost determination.

It is also common for lawyers to charge a ‘success fee’. Foyle Legal will not ordinarily charge a success fee for personal injury matters.

My accident was outside Western Australia, is it OK to get a lawyer outside WA?


Foyle Legal has met with many injured people who have engaged lawyers from outside of Western Australia. Foyle Legal’s experience is that these lawyers have not practised in many Western Australian cases, especially in workers compensation as this is a niche area and the law differs greatly from state to state.

My question is not answered above, but I am concerned about my case. What should I do?

Foyle Legal offers a obligation and cost free initial consultation for personal injury matters. Why not give us a call on 0408 727 343.


Foyle Legal Motor Vehicle Accident Claim and Workers Compensation Claim Videos

Foyle legal has a YouTube channel that features short videos that addresses key questions raised in relation to workers compensation claim and motor vehicle accident claim. Why not check out Foyle Legal YouTube video to see if you can find the answers you are after.

Please click the video snapshot below for the most recent videos.


Foyle Legal Personal Injury and Workers Compensation Blog Posts

Foyle legal publishes blogs to address topical issues in relation to our areas of legal practice. The motor vehicle injury claim blogs and workers compensation blog topic can be found on our blog page.


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