Foyle Legal is a law firm in Perth, WA that helps persons affected by car injuries get legal protection and compensation.

Car accidents happen all the time, and people have no control over them. What should a person do when their car is hit from behind by another vehicle? Most people come out and start a fight, while others ask the offender to pay for damages. While these are good things to do, they are not that effective when compared to making a claim. 

Every Western Australian is entitled to a motor vehicle injury compensation after a car accident, especially if the other driver is totally at fault. Making a claim can help affected drivers cater to their medical needs and other expenses. Foyle Legal is a personal injury law firm in Perth, WA that helps clients with their injury claims after a car accident.

Christian Foyle, Founder of Foyle Legal, said, “Our lawyers at Foyle Legal are experts in the field of injury compensation claims. We have a proven track record of success in the field which is supported by results that have been achieved for clients like you. Our dedication, professionalism, and compassion have made us one of the most reliable and fastest developing personal injury law firms in Western Australia.” 

Continuing, Foyle said, “Our capability is evident in the millions we have recovered for our clients over the years in injury compensation. We have received numerous awards over the years, and enjoy the respect of our peers and clients for the value we offer.”

Anybody involved in a car accident should ensure to collect as many details as possible from the accident scene, such as drivers’ registration details, photos of the accident scenes, and witnesses if possible. After collecting these pieces of information, a report on the accident should be filed with the police, and the reference number for the statement issued should be jotted down somewhere. 

If any injuries occurred from the accident, the affected person should seek immediate medical help. If they wish they can file a compensation claim due to the personal injury they sustained from the motor accident. The requests can be made with the ICWA, who will issue a form that must be filled and submitted. Then the affected person needs to hire a good no-win-no-fee lawyer who can help them get adequate injury compensation.

Magaret Leviston, Foyle Legal’s client from Balga who filed a Whiplash Injury Claim, commented, “Over the years Foyle Legal has helped me with two-car accident claims. One was with Allianz, and the other was with the Insurance Commission of Western Australia. I got personal attention from Christian from Foyle Legal who helped me with information and eventually to get the most out of my claims. I highly recommend Foyle Legal to anyone looking for a lawyer for their car accident claims.”

Foyle Legal’s car injury claims legal assistance can be accessed by making a no-obligation free call to them through their telephone number 0408727343. Making this call guarantees clients immediate over the phone assistance as they will be talking directly to a trusted legal professional. Clients can also fill the inquiry form available on their website to get contacted by a lawyer to help with their claim. They are also available for video consultations.

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Foyle Legal is an award-winning legal firm in Western Australia which was founded in 2012, by Christian Foyle, a reliable lawyer experienced in personal injury claims. They consist of a team of skilled and experienced lawyers who are ready to assist clients with their car accident injury claims. They have offices all over Western Australia and attend to the needs of both local and international clients. 

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