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Motor Vehicle Injury & Car Accident Injury Compensation Lawyer Perth WA – Motor Vehicle Injury Claim, Car Accident Injury Claim

Motor injury & car accident injury lawyers at Foyle Legal provide No Win No Fee legal service for motor vehicle injury claims (MVA injury claims) and car accident injury claims in Western Australia. If you have made a personal injury claim for car accident injury compensation, you can get your obligation free car accident injury claim assessment from Foyle Legal. Your first telephone discussion is free. We are experts in personal injury compensation claims for motor vehicle & car accident injury compensation in Western Australia. We will ensure that you get the best personal injury compensation payouts for your motor vehicle injury claim.

Please note if you have suffered a lost due to the death or serious injury of a family member as a result of a motor vehicle accident in Western Australia. You may also have a motor injury claim for compensation. Please also see our page regarding Fatal Accident Compensation

Motor Vehicle Injury Claim / Car Accident Injury Claim in WA


Car accident injury claims and motorcycle accident injury claims are the most common types of Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Claims (MVA claims) in Western Australia. In WA, the Insurance Commission of Western Australia (ICWA) is the Third Party Insurer set up by the government to provide personal injury compensation for people who are injured or die as a result of car crash, motorbike accident, bus accident, truck accident or other motor vehicle related road accidents.

The method used for calculating motor vehicle injury compensation payouts is complex. A simple car accident personal injury claim calculator may not accurately estimate your car accident injury compensation amounts. If you have made a personal injury claim for a car accident or any other any other type of motor vehicle accident that happened in Western Australia, Foyle Legal can help you with your motor vehicle Injury claim.

Foyle Legal can also help to advise you regarding the law relating to other personal injury compensation options available to you. In the event that the motor vehicle accident happened in the course of your work then you will most likely be eligible for Workers Compensation even if the motor vehicle accident was your fault.  In the event that your injury has caused you to become totally and permanently incapacitated Foyle Legal can advise you as to whether you will have a Total and Permanent Disability TPD Claim through your private insurance or superannuation fund.

Maximise your Car Accident Injury Compensation Amounts

What does a motor accident Injury compensation lawyer (Motor Injury Lawyers) do?


Motor vehicle injury compensation falls under personal injury law in Western Australia. Personal Injury lawyers who specialise in motor vehicle injury accident compensation provide legal representation to people who have been injured physically or mentally due to the negligence of another person on the road which motor vehicle is involved. As experienced motor vehicle injury compensation lawyers in Perth, WA, Foyle legal has many years of experience negotiating with the Insurance Commission of Western Australia, and has acted for victims of motor vehicle accidents in all forms of personal injury claims. These injuries may include but not limited to whiplash injury compensation,  brain injury compensation, head injury compensation, spinal injury compensation, knee injury compensation, chest injury claims, other psychological compensation as a result of the accident on the road.

Foyle Legal uses unique insight to maximise your Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Claim

The Director of Foyle Legal is one of only a few personal injury lawyers in Perth who has practised as a claimant and defendant lawyer in personal injury cases. This gives Foyle Legal a unique insight into what the other party is doing which Foyle Legal can use to help you with your personal injury claims. If you have made a personal injury claim for a car accident or any other forms of motor vehicle accidents in Western Australia, and require a motor vehicle injury lawyer Perth for further assistance with your personal injury claim, why not contact us at 0408 727 343,  alternatively please submit your obligation free enquiry. At Foyle Legal, we provide no win no fee car accident personal injury compensation claim legal advice.

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Manage a Motor Vehicle Injury Claim / Car Accident Injury Claim in WA

While car accidents injury claims are the most commonly seen motor vehicle accident injury claims,  information in this page applies to motorbike accident injury claims, truck accident injury claims, bus accident injury claims, and other types of motor vehicle accident injury claims in Western Australia.

Who can claim personal injury compensation for car accidents?

The law is that you can make a personal injury claim for a car accident injury so long as your injuries are caused by the driver of a WA registered motor vehicle, this includes:

  • Drivers (who are not at fault or were partially at fault);
  • Riders of a motorcycle (who are not at fault or were partially at fault);
  • Passengers (regardless of which driver is at fault);
  • Pedestrians (where a driver is at fault); and
  • Dependents of persons fatally injured in a motor vehicle accident (where the other driver is at fault).

You are entitled to personal injury claim for motor vehicle injury even if you can’t identify the name of the at fault driver or if the at fault driver is deceased. Please note that similar schemes exist in other states or territories of Australia so in most situations where a car is registered in another state of Australia you should still be able to claim compensation for motor vehicle injury.

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Car accident Injury claim procedure in WA

If you are injured as a result of car crash or other form of car accidents on the road, regardless the severity of injuries, the best starting point of your car accident injury claim is to report your accident online. If you are not legally represented then you should contact the Insurance Commission of Western Australia who will  ask you to fill in a Notice of Intention to Make Claim Form and Medical Authority. If you are legally represented then Foyle Legal can notify the Insurance Commission of Western Australia on your behalf. In addition to lodging the incident report, keeping a good record of the accident and medical treatment are essential elements for car accident injury compensation claims.

What can I claim if I made a car accident Injury claim?

The goal of awarding compensation for personal injuries is, as far as possible, to put the victim back in the position they were in before the motor accident.

You can claim expenses, losses and damages from the following categorises, if applicable to your situation:

  • Past and future medical expenses;
  • Past and future economic loss (e.g. loss of wages and superannuation) ;
  • Compensation for pain and suffering;
  • Loss of business profits;
  • Voluntary services provided by your family and friends assisting you with domestic chores, self care and travel to medical appointments;
  • Paid services (e.g. cost of someone to mow the lawn, costs of a paid carer); and
  • Travel expenses.

In addition to a motor vehicle accident / car accident injury compensation claim, in most circumstances the CTP insurer will pay for rehabilitation and medical expenses initially incurred after a car accident.

Depending the severity of your injuries and percentage of total whole body impairment, you may also entitle to TPD Superannuation Benefits. TPD benefit is often part of the superannuation benefit, Foyle Legal can advise you on TPD claims.

How much car accident injury compensation can I claim?

The amount that you can claim for your personal injuries (motor vehicle accident injury compensation payouts) depends on the extent of the injuries you have suffered the amount of economic loss you have suffered (e.g. loss of wages or loss of business profits) and losses you will have in the future. Foyle Legal can advise you how much your personal injury claim is worth based on your personal circumstances.

How Long will the car accident injury claim process take?

The main thing that determines how long your motor vehicle injury claim process will take is your medical progress. Usually, car accident injury claims only settle once the injured person reaches a stable point where they are not likely to get significantly better or significantly worse. motor vehicle accident injury claims that are settled by way of negotiation often take between one and two years to settle, though this will depend on your individual circumstances. A specialist car accident injury lawyer can guide you through the process of motor vehicle accident personal injury claims which could reduce the waste of time.

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I made a motor vehicle injury accident compensation claim in WA but my family member/friend is at fault, will they suffer a lost as a result of my personal injury compensation claim?

All registered vehicles in Western Australia are required to have a Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance. The CTP insurance covers compensation for personal injury claims if the insured vehicle is at fault. In most circumstances, if you made a personal injury claim for a car accident or other type of motor vehicle accidents on the road, your will be claiming against the CTP insurer instead of your family or friend.


Is my motor vehicle accident injury compensation payouts taxable in Australia?

When a motor vehicle accident injury claim settles in Western Australia, the settlement you received is not taxable. However, if you invest the personal injury compensation settlement in a saving account or any types of investment account, your investment gain may be taxed.

No Win No Fee Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Claim Lawyers

The usual procedure when you engage a motor vehicle accident lawyer is that the lawyer charges you on a regular basis for work done regardless of whether you win or lose. A No Win No Fee lawyer will only charge you a fee if you are successful in settling your personal injury claim for car accident or any other motor vehicle accident compensation or obtaining a successful judgement. Because No Win No Fee lawyers do not charge upfront legal costs, they are often referred to as No Win No Pay lawyers. The no win no fee arrangement does not mean you have nothing to lose. If you go to trial and lose then you will have to pay the other party’s legal costs and disbursements such as court costs and medical expert costs. As a result, it is vital that you choose a good lawyer that have good track record of success. Foyle Legal has worked on hundreds of personal injury cases and recovered millions in compensation payments for our clients.

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More About Motor Vehicle Injury Claims / Car Accident Injury Claims in WA

If your motor vehicle accident happened in Western Australia it is likely that the appropriate insurer is the Insurance Commission of Western Australia who provides a helpful Guide for People Injured in a Motor Vehicle Crash.

In addition, Foyle Legal has prepared a motor vehicle accident injury compensation FAQ page to address commonly asked questions. We also publish regular updates on Car Accident Personal Injury Blog and Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Claims Youtube Videos channels consists many frequently asked questions in the area of personal injury claim for motor vehicle accident compensation in Western Australia.


Expert Motor Vehicle Accident Injury Compensation Lawyers Perth WA

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