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Perth Lawyers Servicing all WA

In addition to Foyle Legal’s Personal Injury practice, Foyle Legal also provides a range of law services geared towards individuals across all WA. Typical areas of practice includes but not limited to: Wills, guarantor advice for independent solicitor’s certificate, total and permanent disability (TPD claims), and insurance claims.

Foyle Legal provides no win no fee* legal representation for TPD claims, and endeavour to provide fixed fee quotes when it is possible to do so. If it is not possible to provide a fixed fee quote then Foyle Legal will provide you with regular updates regarding your matter so that you can control expenditure on legal fees.

Foyle Legal prides itself on providing a straight forward and accessible legal service, why not contact us at 0408 727 343, alternatively submit an obligation free enquiry.

Meet Our Clients

"I had two car accident claims through Foyle Legal. One with Allianz and another with the Insurance Commission of Western Australia. Christian from Foyle Legal has been a great assistance to me giving information and help and he helped me to get the most out of my claims. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a lawyer." - Margaret Leviston
Margaret Leviston
"Quick easy service, I only saw them twice and they dealt with the lot. I was initially offered no money from the Insurance Commission of Western Australia. After taking the matter to a Pre-Trial Conference I was able to get a settlement." - Patricia Lentz
Patricia Lentz
"Life can and did change in an instant! Due to a motorist not paying attention. Foyle Legal stepped in on my behalf and secured a very acceptable settlement for my Pain, Suffering and Future economic loss. His knowledgeable, caring and understanding approach was reassuring and proved to be the essence of our successful claim. I recommend his services to all!" - Paul Evans
Paul Evans
"I found Foyle Legal taking on cases for the under dog that was tedious and drawn out. I would recommend this legal firm to any one who is seeking an honest and up front service when it comes to dealing with workers compensation claims. You couldn't be in better hands." - Garry Collins
Garry Collins
"Life is full of up and downs. Over the past few years, I consulted the director of Foyle legal on numerous occasions regarding workers' compensation claims, unfair dismissal and car accidents compensation claims. Their no win no fee workers compensation claim policy helps me to focus on the claim. He is my most trusted compensation lawyer in Perth." - George Barr
George Barr