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Online Wills in Western Australia

Package wills are cheap, you could just buy a will pack at the post office or get a Pro-forma will online, so why should you pay for a solicitor to help you?

‘Standard Wills’ or ‘Off the shelf’ or even “On-line Wills” pre-printed Wills can end up costing your family a lot of money. For one thing, unless the formal requirements are met under West Australian legislation the will may not be valid, and your family may have to go through the cost and expense of applying for letters of administration (the estate management option where there is not a valid will).

If you have your will prepared professionally by a solicitor then in Western Australia that solicitor is required to hold a professional indemnity insurance policy. The same can not be said for most online will websites which do not have a duty to ensure that your will is valid.

At Foyle Legal we go out of our way to make sure you are getting the right will for you and you understand it before you sign. Recently we received notice that a client was in hospital and we attended the hospital to make sure our client understood her will.

Consumers should be aware that “do-it-yourself” online wills and trusts might seem like an easy way to plan their estate, however, many templates leave out vital details that should be custimised to your family’s situation.

Remember a will can be a fast, professional process that can save your family money in the long run. For more information about wills visit the Foyle Legal Fixed Price Wills page.

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Customer Reviews

Foyle Legal went above and beyond to make sure I was fairly compensated after a VOC claim.

They will hold your hand through the entire process.

You don't see many reviews for them in relation to VOC, however I can comment that they are perfect and have your best interests at heart.
Julian Ferrari
Julian Ferrari
I had two workers compensation claims which were disputed by the insurer. I would not have been able to resolve my cases as successfully without the help of Foyle Legal.
Henry Bailey
Henry Bailey
Always friendly communications. Staff helpful. Happy with the outcome 😁
Uta Fielding
Uta Fielding
Foyle Legal helped me with a PTSD workers compensation claim from 20+ years ago. It was a hard case and I am happy with the outcome. 5 stars!
Gavin Heaysman
Gavin Heaysman