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Foyle Legal Professional Team

Christian Foyle

Director, Lawyer & Barrister

Christian is the founder of Foyle Legal. He has been working in compensation law for 10 years, with experience in representing both claimants (plaintiffs) and insurers in a personal injury claim.

Christian was born and grew up in Western Australia. He attended Aquinas college, Charles Darwin University and graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Laws. Christian is a current member of Law Society of WA and Australian Lawyers Alliance.

Prior to starting Foyle Legal, Christian has worked in leading personal injury law firm and national insurance law firm. He also acted as a principal solicitor for a community legal centre. In his spare time, Christian is an advocate for local businesses. He participates in local community groups and has keen interests in politics and issues relating to public warfare.

“Helping injured people to maximise their compensation is my speciality and my passion. I know that life can be hard after an accident, getting the right advice is very important as it may affect your path in the future. It is very satisfying when I see clients who turn an unfortunate injury into a positive beginning for the next chapter in life.”

Dr Ida Ma

General Manager

Dr Ma has been involved in the growth and development of Foyle Legal since 2012 on a consultancy basis. She joined Foyle Legal as a General Manager in 2016.  Prior to joining Foyle Legal, Dr Ma worked as an investment banker in London, Hong Kong and Perth, primarily providing corporate development and market development advice to the mining sector. Dr Ma is a strong advocate for service innovation and digital leadership.

Dr Ma holds a PhD from University of Sydney and MBA from Macquarie Graduate of Management. In her spare time, Dr Ma enjoys family time and travel. She had been involved in the promotion of female leaders in the industry, and young leaders in the community sector.

“One of the reasons I joined Foyle Legal is because I am inspired by the positive impact they have on their clients, and their staff.  Life may be less than fair at times, how you deal with it and who you trust to help you will make a big difference in the outcome. Lawyers at Foyle Legal work in a collaborative and approachable manner. It’s a place where  your voice will be heard and valued.”

Phillip White

Solicitor & Barrister

Phillip is a lawyer at Foyle Legal, he specialises in worker’s compensation claims, public liability claims and motor vehicle accident claims. In addition to personal injury law, Phillip has also worked in family law and Law Access, an initiative by Law Society of WA aims to merit assess applications to refer to pro bono assistance by legal practitioners in WA.

Philip holds a combined degree of Law and Arts from University of Western Australia, and a Mental Health First Aid certificate. Phillip is a current member of Law Society of WA. In his spare time, Philip is a mentor at Unimentor, which mentors mature aged students to transition into university.

“As a personal injury lawyer, I see clients’ experiencing many unexpected issues because of their injury. A good lawyer should be able to provide clients with the best legal advice for their client and mental support to the client when it is needed. Lawyers at Foyle Legal are good at listening, understanding, and getting results for our clients.”

JoJo Siu

Solicitor & Barrister

JoJo is a lawyer at Foyle Legal, she specialises in motor vehicle injury claims, workers’ compensation claims and criminal injury compensation claims. In addition to personal injury law, JoJo also has experience in family law and criminal law.

JoJo graduated from Murdoch University with a Bachelor of Laws. She also holds a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from College of Law.  JoJo is fluent in English and Cantonese. She is a current member of Law Society of WA. In her spare time, JoJo is an advocate for multiculturism and cultural diversity. She co-created the Perth Asian Food and Culture Group in 2011, and co-hosted cultural events until 2016.

“At Foyle Legal, you are not just another number. Christian personally meets every client, and makes himself available to all lawyers in the office whenever his expertise is needed to maximise compensation for our client. We have clients from many cultural backgrounds and all different lines of work. When you call, you get to talk to a lawyer from day one. When we are working on your claim, all lawyers with relevant experience are called on to assist with your compensation maximisation.”