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Total and Permanent Disability, TPD Claims Insurance Lawyers

TPD Claims & Superannuation TPD Insurance Cover

What is TPD Insurance?

Total and Permanent Disability, often abbreviated as TPD, is an optional insurance benefit which is commonly available through a superannuation fund but can also be obtained by an insured person outside of the superannuation system.

If a disease, accident, injury or illness has disabled you from working, you may be entitled to a TPD benefits through your superannuation (super fund). You may also be covered for a TPD lump sum compensation benefit through a private life insurance policy. If you have made a TPD superannuation claim, experienced insurance lawyers at Foyle legal can assist your TPD claim on No Win No Fee basis.

How do I find out if I have TPD insurance?

From time to time your Superannuation Fund will send you a member information statement which states how much cover you have for TPD, Death Benefit and income protection insurance. It is common that injured workers and victims of motor vehicle accidents do not to know that they have this TPD workers compensation disability cover as it is provided automatically when a worker joins a superannuation fund. If you do not have a member information statement you should be able to obtain your disability cover by request from your Superannuation Fund.

If you still do not know what to do, please consult a superannuation lawyer. Experienced TPD lawyers at Foyle Legal can contact your Superannuation Fund or life insurance provider and can let you know whether you have any TPD insurance cover or other sickness or accident benefits.

Total and Permanent Disability & TPD Insurance Claims

When can I claim Total and Permanent Disability / TPD insurance claim?

The circumstances under which you can make an insurance claim for TPD will vary depending on your policy of insurance, but in general a TPD claim can be made if:

  • You have ceased working as a result of a disease, accident, injury or illness; and
  • On the balance of probabilities you are unlikely to return to your work duties as a result of this disease, accident, injury or illness; and
  • You were under 65 years when you ceased work; and
  • You were a member of a Superannuation Fund at the time you ceased your employment and/or had TPD insurance at the time you became unwell.

The disease, accident, injury or illness does not have to come about for a specific reason.  People who have made a personal injury claim including workers’ compensation or motor vehicle injury compensation or people on the Centrelink Disability Support Pension can claim TPD as well as people who suffer an unexpected disease, accident, injury or illness that disabled them from working.

How do I make a Total and Permanent Disability / TPD claim?

In most TPD policies the person making a claim needs to show that on the balance of probabilities because of their disease, accident, injury or illness that they will permanently and totally disabled from returning the job that they had before the disease, accident, injury or illness or any other employment you have education, training or experience in.

Some TPD policies are occupation specific, and the insurer agrees to pay your TPD benefit if permanently and totally disabled from working in a specific occupation.

How can Foyle Legal Help with my Total and Permanent Disability TPD Claim?

It is important that you find out your entitlement at an early stage to ensure that you know about your benefits from your life insurance or superannuation fund, as well as the process of making a TPD claim and what to do if your claim is denied or delayed. Experienced insurance lawyers and superannuation lawyers at Foyle Legal can also assist you to have the decision reviewed or if necessary take court action on your behalf.

What superannuation and disability insurance benefits I am entitled to?

Superannuation and TPD insurance benefits can be substantial and may help to ease the financial burden to you or your family during the difficult time that follows death or disability.

Individual insurance policies vary in the level of coverage provided, the waiting period before claims can be made and the length of time benefits are payable.

No WIN NO FEE TPD Claim Insurance Lawyers

At Foyle Legal we offer a no obligation free first consultation for TPD claims matters and we take your matter on a no win no fee basis.


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Karen Nevard
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Anthony Daniels
Anthony Daniels
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Vijay Sourinathan
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Daniela Colantropo
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Theresa Southam
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Brendan Arthur
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