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Public Liability Claims, Public Liability Compensation Lawyers Perth WA

If you were injured in a public place you may be entitled to public liability compensation if you can prove that your injury occurred due to the negligence of another party. If you have made a public liability claim in WA, why not contact Foyle Legal compensation lawyers for an obligation free injury claim assessment.

We are experts in public liability claims in WA and provide No Win No Fee legal representation for public liability claims. We will ensure that you will get the best public liability claims payouts for your public liability claim.

Public Liability Claims in WA

Common examples of public liability claims in WA

The most common places where public liability claims occur are as follows

  • Shopping centres
  • Restaurants
  • Bars / Nightclubs
  • Sporting events (special restrictions apply)
  • Roads and public pathways (special restrictions apply)
  • Playgrounds and sports centres

Slips, trip and falls in supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, pubs, or other public places are the most common type of public liability claims. Dog attacks / residential accidents are also common type of public liability claims. Most of the public liability claims are as results of injuries caused by owner or occupier of premises fail to provide adequate duty of care.

In the event that the public liability injury occurs in the course of a person’s employment, you may be able to make a Workers Compensation Claim. The injured worker will not have to prove negligence in a WA workers compensation claim. If the injury involved the use of a licenced motor vehicle, motor accident victims may be able to make a Motor Vehicle Injury Claim.

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Public Liability Claims Process

There is no one size fit all formula for all public liability claims in WA. What you should do after an injury in a public place is largely depending on the circumstance and severity of your injury. Foyle Legal guides public liability clients through the claim process and get the compensation they deserve.

If you are injured in a public place, and believe that you have a public liability claim, it is advisable that you advise the liable party of the circumstances of the injury as soon as possible, and seek medical treatment and tell your doctor about where you were injured, and how you were injured.

Generally, recording the following information will assist the smooth progress of your public liability claim in WA:

  • Request a copy of the incident report
  • Record the names, address and contact information of any witness who have seen the public liability incident
  • Keep a record of medical receipts and date of treatments
  • Take photos of your injury, and record the date of injury
  • Take dated photos of accident site / circumstance that caused your injury immediately after injury if possible
  • Keep records of any loss of wages or other type of income as a result of your injury

Who do I claim Public Liability Compensation Against?

Public liability claims are most commonly made against the occupiers of property (e.g. companies running a shop or supermarket), public authorities such as electricity and water authorities and third parties who are involved in a person’s work related accident. Some public liability claims examples are set out below.

Example – Occupiers Liability

Jean goes shopping at the local supermarket, she slips on water leaking from a fridge. Subsequent investigation reveals that the shopping centre knew of the leaky fridge and took no action. Jean could take an action in negligence against the shopping centre.

Example – Public Authorities

The Electricity company workmen perform work on a power pole located near Jason’s house. The power pole is rotten at the bottom and falls over severely injuring Jason. Jason could sue the electricity company.

Example – Third Party Company

Todd works for a boring contractor on a site controlled by a large mining company. The foreman from the large mining company leaves the entry to a mine shaft open and Jason falls into the mine shaft. Jason could sue the large mining company directly.

What public liability claims payouts can I claim?

If you have made a public liability claim, you can claim the following public liability compensation, if applicable to your situation:

  • Past and future medical expenses;
  • Past and future economic loss;
  • Pain and suffering damages;
  • Loss of business profits;
  • For voluntary services provided by your family and friends assisting you with domestic chores, self care and travel to medical appointments;
  • Paid services (e.g. cost of someone to mow the lawn, costs of a paid carer); and
  • Travel expenses

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Foyle Legal Uses Unique Insight to Maximise your Public Liability Claim

The Director of Foyle Legal is one of only a few public liability compensation lawyers in Perth who has practiced as a claimant and defendant lawyer in public liability personal injury cases. This gives Foyle Legal a unique insight into what the other party is doing which Foyle Legal can use to help you with your injury claim. If you think you have a public liability claim, or require further assistance with your public liability claim settlement, why not contact us at 0408 727 343,  alternatively submit an obligation free enquiry. At foyle legal, we provide no win no fee public liability accident compensation claim legal advice.

Foyle Legal can also help you to identify other compensation options. For example in the event that the injured person is totally and permanently disabled as a result of a public liability accident they may be able to make a Total and Permanent Disability claim through their superannuation fund or private insurer.

No Win No Fee Public Liability Claim Lawyers

The usual procedure when you engage a lawyer is the lawyer charges you on a regular basis for work done regardless of whether you win or lose. A no win no fee lawyer will only charge you a fee if you are successful in settling your claim for compensation or obtaining a successful judgment. The no win no fee* arrangement does not mean you have nothing to lose. If you go to trial and lose then you will have to pay the other party’s legal costs and disbursements such as court costs and medical costs.

Expert Public Liability Claims Lawyers Perth WA

Slip, fall and trip, or injured in a public place? Get your existing public liability claim reviewed by the an compensation lawyer. Foyle legal Personal Injury Lawyers helped hundreds of injured people succeeded in their personal injury claims, and recovered millions in injury compensation. Obligation free on 0408 727 343. Alternatively, why not contact us by filling the form below. We will get back to you within 24 hours.