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Top No Win No Fee Compensation Lawyers Perth WA

Top No Win No Fee lawyers in respect of most personal injury claims in Western Australia and TPD claims. If you have made a personal injury claim or TPD insurance claim, please contact No Win No Fee compensation lawyers at Foyle Legal for an obligation free claim assessment. We are experts in compensation law and insurance matters, and will make sure that you get the best compensation payout for your injury compensation claim.

Foyle Legal No Win No Win Cost Agreement

No Hidden Legal Costs

Before Foyle Legal undertakes work on your behalf regarding your compensation claim, we will provide you with a cost agreement. Foyle Legal will explain how we will calculate our fees for legal services provided in plain English. There will be no hidden legal costs!

No Win No Fee Lawyers / No Win No Pay Lawyers Fee Agreement means No Upfront Legal Fees

No Win No Fee means that you do not need to pay any upfront legal fees to your lawyer /solicitor, unless they win or reach a successful settlement for your personal injury claim. Becuase no legal fee is payable to the lawyers / solicitors, No Win No Fee lawyers are often referred to as No Win, No Pay Lawyers. Foyle legal offers to represent you on a No win No fee basis for personal injury compensation claims. The reason we will choose to offer no win no fee legal representation is that Foyle Legal has formed the opinion that, with the help of Foyle Legal’s experience and expertise, your compensation claim is reasonably likely to be successful.

Not all No Win No Fee compensation lawyers are the same. Under the standard no win no fee agreement if your claim is unsuccessful you do not need to pay legal fees to your lawyer. There may however be an order that you pay the other party or parties legal fees. For example if you bring a common law workers compensation claim against your employer and are not able to prove negligence then it is likely that there will be an order that you pay your employer’s legal costs, court fees and disbursements (such as expert report fees and medical report fees). Therefore, it is vital importanance that you choose a top No Win No Fee lawyer who is specialised in injury compensation claims with a track record of success and good reviews from existing clients.

In what kind of compensation claims is a ‘no win no fee lawyer’ fee agreement available?

Foyle Legal helps to bring justice closer to every day Australians. Our no win no fee legal representation helps you stop worrying about fees so that you can focus on your case.
Barring exceptional circumstances, such as compensation claims where you are outside of the limitation period or claims that are assessed as having a low chance of success, Foyle Legal offers the ‘no win no fee’ fee agreement in most areas of compensation law and insurance law including workers compensation, motor vehicle accident claims, medical negligence claims, criminal injury compensation claims and total and permanent disability claims / TPD claims.

How much do No Win No Fee lawyers take?

How much do No Win No Fee lawyers take is one of the most common questions. Each No Win No Fee lawyers may charge differently based on their overheads and other commercial factors. At Foyle Legal, we charge personal injury clients in accordance to the tasks performed at a rate in accordance to supreme court scale and WorkCover scale of costs. We charge no contingency fees.  Contingency fees may also be referred to by some as percentage fees (no percentage fees).


Does the a No Win No Fee agreement apply to disbursements?

The no win no fee legal representation only applies in respect of legal work performed by Foyle Legal. The Foyle Legal costs agreement states that disbursements (such as court filing fees and medical report costs) are the responsibility of the client. While this is the case, Foyle Legal often meets the costs of disbursements to ease the financial burden associated with bringing a claim and in many cases Foyle Legal will be able to claim all of the disbursements back from the liable party’s insurer.

When you are successful in settling your claim regarding workers compensation, a motor vehicle accident injury or public liability related injuries it is usually on the basis that the insurer on the other side (who may be acting for your employer, a liable driver or other defendant) makes a settlement offer plus a ‘contribution towards your legal costs’, alternatively they may make an ‘all inclusive’ offer which includes an allowance for your legal costs.

The offer to make a ‘contribution towards your legal costs’ usually also includes the total cost of disbursements such as medical report costs and court fees. Client’s will generally have to make a small contribution to Foyle Legal’s fees but this is generally a small amount relative to the benefit that clients get by being representing Foyle Legal.

In criminal injury claims and total and permanent disability claims that settle prior to the commencement of legal proceedings , no contribution regarding legal costs is made by another party and clients making these claims will have to pay their legal fees out of their settlement proceeds.

Top No Win No Fee Lawyers Perth WA

When are you injured, it affects not only you, but also your family and loved ones. Foyle Legal provides NO WIN NO FEE personal injury claim and TPD claim representation, so that you can focus on recovery and other important things in life. Get your obligation free claim review on 0408 727 343. Alternatively, please fill in the form below. Our best compensation lawyer will get back to you within 24 hours.