Foyle Legal, Western Australia based law firm specialising in a personal injury compensation claim, has taken its time to clarify what the law says about workers’ compensation claims from the COVID-19 perspective. The legal company has also expressed its readiness to help people navigate the waters of workers’ compensation claims during the pandemic. The boutique company boasts highly professional personal injury lawyers that will help workers with compensation claims resulting from workplace injuries and cases regarding a disease during their employment, including contracting the novel coronavirus, while discharging their official duties.

Christian Foyle, the owner of Foyle Legal, says, “Workers compensation laws vary from state-to-state but the rationale is almost the same. The law ensures that if an employee is injured on the job, he is entitled to some form of compensation. It is best to engage a compensation lawyer specialist in the state where you were injured to represent you for your personal injury compensation claim.”

Founded in 2012, the law firm is renowned for handling this particular type of case throughout Western Australia. In times like this, a worker’s compensation claim is vital for any employees who may contract coronavirus at work or while attending required appointments by the employer. Western Australia has workers compensation legislation that provides cover for different workplace injuries and diseases that occurs during a worker’s employment period. As such, affected workers will need the help of experienced workers compensation claims lawyers to help them get compensation.

Foyle Legal wants to point out that employers have a serious responsibility to provide for employees when they get injured or infected by COVID-19 or any related health conditions, such as a mental condition, due to coronavirus while on the job. Workers who can prove that their job contributed significantly to the disease or mental condition may be entitled to workers’ compensation. The claim process for COVID-19 or a related condition is similar to other types of workers’ compensation claims, so it’s quite easy.

Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, Foyle Legal is still in operation and are readily available to offer assistance to workers seeking compensation claim. Those confirmed to have been affected by Coronavirus during their employment can, therefore, contact Foyle Legal team for a telephone appointment or video conference to discuss the best way forward.

A worker’s compensation claim is covered by the law and business owners have no choice but to comply. If they fail to do so, they could be fined and slammed with other penalties. So workers must be aware of this extant law and get their deserved compensation if affected by the Coronavirus.

It is a good idea to work with a legal firm specialising in personal compensation claims, such as Foyle Legal. They will be in the best position to provide an individual with relevant information regarding workers’ compensation claims while also representing their clients.

To learn more about workers’ compensation claims and COVID-19, read this Blog. For more information on how to go about workers’ compensation claims in Western Australia, visit or call Foyle Legal on 0408 727 343.