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Foyle Legal is an Australia-based, top-rated law firm, and their associates work on a no-win, no-fee basis. The firm is offering its services to help fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) workers in the mining, oil & gas, and construction industries file for personal injury compensation with no obligation assessment.

Commenting on the personal injury compensation for FIFO workers, the managing partner, Christian Foyle, said FIFO workers are often exposed to social isolation, excessive work demands, and heavy machinery – all of which make them susceptible to injuries. 

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Foyle has noted how these companies defend rigorously against injured workers, which often results in workers not getting the compensation they deserve. As a result of this, his company, Foyle Legal, with the help of his expert injury lawyers and their convincing success rate, is helping FIFO workers to claim their compensations.

To help victims understand what they can claim, Foyle explained the most common work injury claims for fly-in-fly-out oil & gas, mining, and construction workers.

First is WorkCover Claims & Common Law Claims, this involves fractures resulting from a collision or impact, muscular injuries, continual injuries, or chemical and environmental exposures. The most common injuries that FIFO workers can suffer are those on the back, neck, shoulder, and wrist/hand.

Second, there is Vehicle Accident Claims, for which Foyle explained that FIFO workers often have a long journey which starts from the point of leaving home, en-route to the job site, and then on a commercial flight. Therefore, if they suffer any injury on their way to work or while performing their duty, they can file for both workers’ compensation claims, as well as motor vehicle accident claims.

Furthermore, Foyle brushed on Psychological Injury Claims, and this type of claim involves PTSD claims, stress claims, bullying at work, as well as other mental health-related psychological Injury claims which are becoming commonplace.

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Lastly, there is total and permanent disability (TPD) & Income Protection Claims, which come as a result of income loss accrued over a given time when a worker cannot perform their pre-inquiry job. In this case, TPD payout and income protection payment can help cover any shortfall in a worker’s income.

In summation, FIFO workers can make these claims if they are backed by a competent legal team who will work hand-in-hand with them to see that they are compensated for the injuries they suffer while performing their duties.

Christian Foyle said that this service is open to all FIFO workers in all parts of Western Australia, so they can benefit from this service whenever in need of it. 

Furthermore, Foyle Legal is making special offers on their services to help FIFO workers who are exposed to heavy machinery, social isolation, and inordinate work demands. Alongside this, they are providing advice to help clients fully grasp the situation of things and get the best compensation possible.

How does it all work? Consultations will be made first to make an informed decision, after which the processes for helping a client claim their compensations will begin immediately.

Speaking on her experience with Foyle legal, Jane, a satisfied client said, “If you’re seeking the best lawyer in Perth and want to achieve a good compensation claim result, you cannot find any more reliable than Foyle Legal.” 

Another client with a good experience, John Lindsay, said, “I’ve got to admit they’ve been involved from the first day I walked into their office. I am amazed by the care and understanding with which they handled my case.”

If you’re looking for a competent law firm to represent you in your injury compensation claims, the team at Foyle Legal brings in expertise, compassion, and commitment to protecting clients’ interests. This has established them as the fastest-growing and most trusted injury law firm in Western Australia and has also earned them numerous legal industry awards recognized by their clients and peers.

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Foyle Legal is one of the most trusted and top-rated personal injury law firms in Western Australia. The firm has a legal team of specialist compensation lawyers with experience, compassion, and commitment to protecting clients’ interests. To date, they have helped injured Western Australians recover millions in injury compensation. Foyle Legal is also the proud recipient of many legal industry awards recognized by peers and clients for their expertise. For more information, please visit

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