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Foyle Legal is a top-rated law firm offering professional legal services to residents of Western Australia, and they operate on a no-win, no-fee basis and with no obligation assessment. The firm has gladly announced its commitment to helping farmers in Perth, Australia get compensation for agricultural accident claims. 

Speaking on how farmers can get compensated for accidents during farm work, Foyle Legal’s managing partner, Christian Foyle, said there are various types of accident claims farmers can make. 

The first is the Farm Accidents Workers Compensation, and it involves fatalities and work-related injuries on the firm, which is a common reason for workers’ compensation claims in Australia. If this is the case, Foyle said a person may be entitled to workers’ compensation claims for farm accidents that happened during employment.

He also noted that farmers in Perth, Australia are entitled to farm accidents workers compensation claims irrespective of their residence and the permanency of their employment status. This simply means all employees, as well as casual workers, foreign workers, and seasonal helpers, are entitled to compensation and provided they are termed ‘workers’.

Secondly, Foyle brushed on Farm Accidents Negligence Claim, on which he said a farmer doesn’t necessarily have to be a worker on the farm to get compensation for the injury he suffered, provided he’s a victim of farm accidents caused by negligence on the farm owner’s side. 

For instance, a tractor accidentally hitting a person while he’s going about his own business, PTSD from witnessing a farm accident while a person isn’t working, and tripping in a public place over a piece of farm machinery.

Lastly, he talked about Death on the Farm Dependency Claim, which covers the death of a farmer while working on the farm. Dependents of fatally injured bystanders and workers during a farm accident may be entitled to make a fatal injury dependency claim.

“More than 40% of farmers’ fatalities happen because of vehicle accidents,” Mr. Foyle said. In this case, the Western Australian law says that the dependents of workers who suffered fatal injuries can, through WorkCover, claim compensation and make a common law claim.

Foyle Legal expert injury lawyers can represent farmers for farm accident compensation claims in any part of Western Australia. Otherwise, if a person lives outside of Australia and they’ve already made a workers’ compensation claim, Foyle Legal can still profer advice and help them manage their claim remotely. 

Commenting further, Christian Foyle said, “We are a top-rated law firm, so if you’re looking for a capable law firm to help you claim your compensations, be assured that we bring expertise, compassion, and commitment to protecting our clients’ interests. Over the years, we’ve successfully helped injured Western Australians recover millions in compensations. We can help you too.”

Meanwhile, an Agriculturist by the name of Musa spoke on his experience with Foyle Legal. “I was guided thoroughly with everything explained to me by my lawyer. They didn’t make unrealistic promises but came out with a positive result,” he said.

Another satisfied client, Wag Tales, said, “Foyle Legal represented my daughter in a motor vehicle accident claim, and they were unbelievable in the way they handled the case and even spoke with my daughter like their own.”

To benefit from Foyle Legal’s services for compensation of farm and agricultural accidents in the Perth area, consultations have to be made with one of their associates, after which processes to help a farmer claim their compensations will begin immediately.

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